Courtroom Conduct

Courtroom Conduct

As your case proceeds through the Court system, you are expected to observe the following Courtroom standards.


No weapons of any kind may be allowed in the Court building pursuant to A.R.S. §13-3102A (10). Violation of this statute is a class one misdemeanor and you will be subjected to criminal prosecution. This does not apply to law enforcement personnel. Also, items such as pocket knives, scissors or anything deemed as unacceptable will be confiscated upon entry to the building or you will need to secure these items in your vehicle. Certain confiscated items will be held and may be returned upon departure. All persons are also subject to search.

Courtroom Attire & Conduct For All Parties

It is important to remember that appearance and conduct are important when coming to Court. All persons present in the Courtroom shall be clean, neat and dressed in an appropriate manner, and conduct themselves in a respectful manner reflecting dignity and respect for the Court. It is also very important to be on time for a Court appearance. Be sure to allow ample time for traffic and parking.

You must check in at the front window when you arrive for court.


Unacceptable Courtroom Attire:
  • Shorts
  • Hats (all types)
  • Muscle Shirts, Tank Tops and Mid-Drifts
  • T-shirts or other clothing items displaying offensive, vulgar, racist, sexist, gang related, obscene language and/or graphics
  • Provocative clothing styled or worn to disrupt/distract

Courtroom Conduct

  • All cellular phones and pagers must be turned off or placed on the vibrate mode while in the courtroom and while in the main lobby.
  • No one may enter the courthouse with food, drink or chewing gum.
  • No sleeping or napping in the courtroom.
  • No public displays of affection.
  • Reading materials such as newspapers and books are not allowed while Court is in session.
  • If at all possible, please avoid bringing small children to Court. We recognize that at times this may not be possible, thus if necessary to do so, please monitor their behavior and keep them as quiet as possible. If a child becomes noisy or unruly, you and your child may be asked to leave the courtroom.
  • While awaiting your turn to see the Judge, do not chat or whisper to friends. If you need to speak, leave the courtroom for a few minutes. Court proceedings may be taped and background conversation can interfere with the audio taping of the record.
  • When you are called to the bench and are addressing the Judge stand a few feet back, never lean on the bench. Give verbal responses to the questions asked. Do not attempt to speak to the Judge from the audience.