File a Motion / Forms

Available Forms

The following forms may be obtained at the Cottonwood Municipal Court and filed there once you complete the forms. Please bring your case number with you, as well as any documents that support your motion. These forms include:
  • Motion to Extend Payment
  • Motion to Continue
  • Motion to Travel Out of State
  • Blank Motion (for change of counseling, jail, etc.)
  • Criminal Appeals Packet
  • Civil Appeals Packet
  • Records Request
  • Motion to Set Aside Judgment - (which can usually be considered one year after conviction date if you have completed your sentence, paid your fines and stayed out-of-trouble. This motion vacates your conviction and dismisses the charge(s). However, the conviction could still be used by MVD or alleged as a prior conviction in the future. Additionally, your insurance company can still use your conviction to raise rates of insurance on your vehicle.)
  • Motion to Set Aside Judgment for Domestic Violence Cases
  • Petition for Order of Protection (and Related Forms)
  • Petition for Injunction Against Harassment (and Related Forms)
Additionally, there are many types of motions that can be filed in a civil, criminal or city ordinance/parking case. The Court cannot give you legal advice as to what motions you can or should file in your case.