Jury Duty

  1. Attire / Dress

    Since you, as a juror, are an officer of the court, we request that you dress appropriately.

  2. Badges

    Depending upon the court, you will be asked to wear a badge upon checking in, swearing in or being impaneled.

  3. Compensation

    As a juror, you will receive a mileage reimbursement for each day you serve.

  4. Conduct in Court

    Learn what is expected of you in Court.

  5. Conduct in the Jury Room

    Discover the process that you will undergo in the jury room.

  6. Excusal From Jury Service

    Review the statute that allows excuse from service.

  7. Important Things to Remember

    After you are sworn as a juror in a case, there are some rules of conduct which you should observe.

  8. Integrity of Jurors

    In performing their sworn duty, jurors must conduct themselves in such a way that no one can question their integrity.

  9. Privacy / Confidentiality of Jurors

    Both prospective and impaneled jurors have the right to privacy and confidentiality.

  10. Qualification & Selection of Jurors

    The Jury Commissioner's Office provides jurors for all trial divisions of the Superior Court and in some counties' justice courts and municipal courts.

  11. Responding to a Summons

    Your response to this summons is required. Read the requirements and the statute.

  12. Security

    Anything considered to be a weapon or that is deemed unacceptable by the court security staff will be confiscated and dealt with appropriately. No edged cutting devices, i.e. straight razors, pocket knives, hunting knives, or butterfly knives are allowed.

  13. Warning

    Failure to appear as ordered or contact the court may result in a civil arrest warrant being issued for your arrest.

  14. Waiting Serves a Purpose

    Due to the nature of jury service and the court process itself, there are often periods of waiting.

  15. Work Verification

    Many employers require proof that you were summoned to serve as a juror. Ask the clerk or court staff for information on how to obtain written proof that you served as a juror.