Meet Our Staff

  1. A. Douglas LaSota

    Presiding Magistrate
    Judge LaSota was appointed as the Presiding Magistrate for the City of Cottonwood Municipal Court in April, 2009, after selection by the Mayor and City Council, and after having been the first choice of the Judicial Review and Appointments Advisory Board. Prior to his appointment, he was a Judge Pro Tem in the Mesa Municipal Court, the Scottsdale City Court and Chandler Municipal Court. He was also a Justice of the Peace Pro Tem. He had 8 years of judicial experience prior to coming to Cottonwood. Prior to his appointment, he also practiced law for 29 years. He practiced in the areas of criminal law, civil, juvenile court and family law, as well as other areas of practice. He has also been a prosecutor, court-appointed attorney and a Deputy Public Defender

  2. E. Lynn Riordan

    Court Administrator / Associate Magistrate

  3. Anna Kremer

    Court Clerk II / Civil Hearing Traffic Officer

  4. Dorothy Gonzalez

    Court Clerk II / Civil Hearing Traffic Officer

  5. Michele Allen

    Court Clerk I

All members of the Court Staff are dedicated to providing professional service to all who enter the Court building. Please treat the court staff with the courtesy you would like to receive if you were in the same position. Please be patient and allow them to properly assist you.