Crime Free Multi-Housing

The Cottonwood Crime Free Multi-Housing Program was designed to help residents, owners, and the managers of rental property keep drugs and other illegal activity off their property.

This program is honest and direct. It is solution oriented. It is designed to be easy, yet very effective in reducing the incident of crime in rental properties.

The program utilizes a unique three-part approach, which ensures the crime prevention goal, while maintaining a very resident friendly approach.

Phase-One involves a free eight-hour seminar presented by the police department. Phase-Two will certify that the rental property has met minimum-security requirements for the residents' safety. In Phase-Three, a resident crime prevention social or event will be conducted for full certification, and the managers will be granted the use of large metal logo signs for the property. The management will also be granted the use of the program logo in all advertisements.

Program Benefits

  • Increased property value for owners.
  • Fewer vacant apartment units.
  • Less property damage.
  • Lower maintenance and operating costs.
  • Better appeal to present and future residents.
  • Stronger resident retention with less tenant turnover.
  • Better relations with both residents and the surrounding neighborhood.