Verde Valley Medical Center

From a small outpatient clinic in 1939, Verde Valley Medical Center (VVMC) has grown into a technologically advanced, 110-bed, nonprofit hospital serving North Central Arizona. More than 800 professional and support staff are employed at VVMC. The Medical Staff is comprised of eighty physicians representing twenty-one medical specialties. VVMC received nine national customer service awards in 2005 for positive patient responses compared to more than 200 healthcare facilities nationwide. VVMC is licensed by the state of Arizona and certified by Medicare. We are a member of Northern Arizona Healthcare.

Verde Valley Medical Center


VVMC is a nonprofit healthcare organization governed by a voluntary board of directors comprised of local citizens. All revenue in excess of expenses is returned to the community in the form of improved facilities, new equipment and health education programs. Our vision of VVMC is to be a center of medical expertise and a resource for community education. This vision is shared by the team of the board of directors, administration and employees.

Situated on a 40-acre campus, VVMC is the only facility in the Verde Valley that offers on-site angioplasty and stent placement. Interventional cardiologists, supported by a professional team of nurses and technicians, are available 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week for diagnoses and treatment of emergency and nonemergency cardiac care. VMC also offers cardiology diagnostic studies and procedures, and a cardiac rehabilitation program that provides patients the opportunity to participate in monitored health and fitness sessions.


In spring 2005 VVMC became the only hospital in Northern Arizona and the fourth hospital in the state to offer its patients the most powerful Computed Tomography (CT) scanning equipment available outside of research and teaching facilities when it installed its new Siemens 64-slice CT scanner. Accredited by the American College of Radiology, VVMC's ultrasound and mammography programs include technology for minimally invasive biopsy procedures. VVMC has the only high-field strength MRI in the Verde Valley, providing high definition imaging of all anatomy. The MRI patient monitor increases patient safety during adult and pediatric procedures.

Another diagnostic tool recently added to VVMC's list of resources, Positron Emission Tomography (PET)/CT is the leading diagnostic tool for many types of cancer, coronary heart disease and neurological problems. The Computer Aided Detection (CAD) system is an additional tool for radiologists, and is used for ensuring accuracy in mammogram interpretation. Vasoguard is a noninvasive arterial testing that measures blood flow to the extremities, and is the first step in evaluating patients with peripheral vascular disease. Medical Imaging services also include bone density testing and nuclear medicine.


VVMC's state-of-the-art MedTrak Balance testing and falls prevention technology allows VVMC to evaluate patients with complaints of dizziness, vertigo or lightheadedness. Vestibular testing will precisely pinpoint if the complaint has its origin in illness, injury, the aging process or other causes.

VVMC also tests for sleep apnea and other sleep disturbances. Sleep studies offer invaluable diagnostic information for primary care physicians. Besides daytime sleepiness and fatigue, sleep disorders can contribute to depression, impotence and cardiac arrhythmias.

VVMC provides a full-service certified clinical laboratory; 24-hour Emergency department with on-site medically dedicated helicopter; physical, speech, hand and occupational therapy; quality obstetrics, newborn services and parent education; and a variety of other inpatient and outpatient tests and services, including surgery. VVMC invites the public to visit its extensive medical library.

For more information about any VVMC service, call the Marketing and Customer Relations department at 928 639-6086, or visit their website.