Wastewater Division

The City of Cottonwood operates and maintains a 1.5 million gallon a day (MGD) wastewater treatment plant located on W Mingus Avenue, 60 miles of collection system main lines, five sewage lift stations and a reclaimed water distribution system. The wastewater division is also responsible for the tap installations for residential and business and the completion of public information requests.
The Mingus WWTP is a modified University of Capetown process that was part of a plant expansion completed in 2000.  The original treatment facility at Mingus was a Sequence Batch reactor which was completed around 1988. This plant produces a Class A+ effluent  (reclaimed water) which is utilized at numerous locations. (See the reclaimed water page for more information).

Coming Soon...
Ground water injection at both Mingus and riverfront facilities.

Effluent Storage Pond