Airport Noise Mitigation Program

The City of Cottonwood is committed to monitoring airport-related noise in the surrounding community and is dedicated to helping stakeholders understand regulations associated with airport flight operations and noise in a transparent, clear, and accessible way.


The city’s goal is to minimize the effects of flight operations on the surrounding community while ensuring the long-term success of the Airport. Compliance with our voluntary noise abatement program is extremely important in maintaining goodwill between the Airport and the surrounding communities.

Designated by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) as a general aviation airport, Cottonwood is utilized by light aircraft, helicopters, and small corporate aircraft. In 2021, Cottonwood Airport (including helicopter operations to/from the Verde Valley Medical Center) experienced 36,934 aircraft and helicopter takeoffs & landings.  

The airport operates as a non-towered airport where pilots are responsible for communicating with each other and coordinating takeoffs, landing, and entry into/out of the general traffic pattern.  The safe operation of an aircraft is the primary responsibility of each pilot.  The airport's requested voluntary noise abatement practices shall never to take precedence over safety.

The City of Cottonwood has no legal authority over aircraft in flight; that rests solely with the FAA.  If a pilot or citizen believes a situation was not consistent with Federal Aviation Regulations, they are responsible for contacting FAA for further review and potential action.    

2018 Airport Noise Action Plan

Beginning in March of 2018 the City began receiving above normal amount of complaints regarding aircraft noise. In October 2018, the Airport Commission established a committee to develop a solution which consisted of two citizens, two airport commission members and the airport manager.  The Airport Commission unanimously approved the action plan above at its meeting on June 26, 2019.