Adopted by City Council: June 3, 2014

Public Vote: November 4, 2014

The Cottonwood General Plan 2025 is scheduled to be considered by the voters of Cottonwood at the November 4, 2014 public election. Links to the Cottonwood General Plan 2025 and associated Maps, as adopted by the City Council at their June 3, 2014 meeting, are included here:

What is the General Plan Update Process?

The Cottonwood General Plan 2025 update was developed through a two-year public planning process that involved review, participation and input by many people, including the City Council, Planning and Zoning Commission, General Plan Advisory Committee, Parks and Recreation Commission, Historic Preservation Commission, City Staff representing various departments, and many citizens, volunteers and organizations through public presentations, workshops, open house events and public hearings.

The General Plan update process began in October 2012, with a series of well-attended visioning workshops. Through the first half of 2013, the advisory General Plan Steering Committee met twice a month to review the draft plan sections and provide recommendations. Many additional public meetings, presentations and open house events were held to gather input and shape the plan. Information was posted to the City website to allow for additional public review and comments throughout the process.

On June 3, 2014, the City Council approved the draft General Plan through the adoption of Resolution 2746. This allows the plan to move forward to a public vote scheduled for the general election on November 4, 2014. Upon affirmative ratification of the Plan by the voters of Cottonwood, the General Plan shall be effective for ten years.

WHEN IS THE PUBLIC VOTE? November 4, 2014

The updated Cottonwood General Plan 2025 will be placed on the general election ballot for consideration by the voters of Cottonwood. In the event the voters do not ratify the updated plan, the existing 2003 General Plan remains in effect until such time as a revised plan can be prepared and rescheduled for an election.

What is the General Plan?

  • The General Plan is a statement of goals and related policies to help guide the physical, environmental and economic growth and revitalization of the city. It acts as a blueprint for future growth and development. It serves as a guide for future decisions.
  • The General Plan contains goals and objectives related to growth and development, as well as aspirations for the future, strategies for implementation, and proposed maps that include land use, circulation, public facilities, and similar aspects of the city form.
  • The General Plan enables the community to participate in shaping the character of the community, and gives direction to policy makers regarding future development.

What is the purpose of the Cottonwood General Plan 2025?

The General Plan 2025 serves to revise and update the existing General Plan 2003. The General Plan is a requirement of state law under the Growing Smarter legislation passed in 2000. (Arizona Revised Statutes, Title 9, Cities. Sections 9-461.05 & 9-461.06.) However, the General Plan does more than just meet legal requirements. It is a statement of the community's values and vision. It provides direction and guidance for decision making on these related topics.

What does a General Plan not do?

  • Change any existing use of land or property, or change any zoning classification.
  • Function as a law, regulation or ordinance.
  • Create or raise any taxes or fees.

Why do we need a new General Plan?

State law requires that communities adopt an updated General Plan every 10 years. The existing Cottonwood General Plan 2003 is outdated. The process not only complies with State law but also provides an opportunity to frame the community vision for the next 10 years.

What happens if the General Plan 2025 is not approved in this election?

State law requires that the General Plan be ratified by the qualified electors of the City of Cottonwood before it becomes effective. If the General Plan 2025 is not approved in this election, the existing General Plan 2003 remains in effect until the voters approve a new General Plan, which would require additional public review and input, and a rescheduled election.

What is the General Plan Steering Committee?

The 8-member citizen-based General Plan Steering Committee met 10 times between January and June 2013 to review and discuss each of the proposed chapters of the General Plan 2025. The time and effort the Advisory Committee members generously volunteered in reviewing the Plan is greatly appreciated as it helped to shape the plan and provide a balanced and thorough perspective.

Phil TerbellReal Estate Broker
Denise LeretteSedona Verde Valley Association of Realtors, Board of Directors
Tom PenderProfessional Engineer
Steve EstesVerde Valley Land Preservation
Jake GonzalesCottonwood Municipal Property Corporation
Bob WilliamsPlanning and Zoning Commission
Paulette EnglishVerde Valley Guidance Clinic
Nancy GottschalkTeacher

Is the General Plan 2025 available for review?

Yes. The Cottonwood General Plan 2025 may be viewed on the City of Cottonwood website at:

Copies of the City of Cottonwood General Plan 2025 are on file for viewing at the following locations:

  • City of Cottonwood Community Development Office
    Development Services Building
    111 N. Main Street
    Cottonwood, AZ 86326
    (928) 634-5505
  • Cottonwood Public Library
    100 S. Sixth Street
    Cottonwood, AZ 86326
    (928) 634-7559

For additional information, please contact:

Charlie Scully, Long-Range Planner
Cottonwood Development Services
111 N. Main Street
Cottonwood, AZ 86326

Updated Links:

All documents are in Adobe PDF Format

Please note file size when downloading, some of these files include graphics that take time to load and display.

Proposed Cottonwood General Plan 2025

Chapter Subject File Size
-- Table of Contents 96 KB
-- Acknowledgements 56 KB
-- General Plan (All files below, combined) 11 MB
1 Introduction 312 KB
2 Vision and Values 724 KB
3 Land Use 2 MB
4 Circulation 3 MB
5 Open Space & Parks 2 MB
6 Growth Area 655 KB
7 Environmental Planning 121 KB
8 Water Resources 232 KB
9 Cost of Development 112 KB
10 Housing 282 KB
11 Historic Preservation 519 KB
12 Economic Development 309 KB
12 Plan Administration 130 KB
A Appendix 11 MB

Proposed General Plan 2025 Maps

  Subject File Size
1 Land Use Map 2 MB
2 Planning Sub-Area 916 KB
3 Zoning 2014 2 MB
4 Cottonwood Area 181 KB
5 Street Circulation Map 210 KB
6 Traffic Counts 113 KB
7 Public Lands Map 4 MB
8 Community Facilities 3 MB
9 Growth Areas 112 KB
10 City Boundary Map 496 KB
11 Old Town Cottonwood 188 KB
12 Annexation History Map 1 MB

Existing 2003 General Plan

Chapter Number Subject File Size
00 Cover 396 KB
00 Contents 210 KB
01 Introduction 55 KB
02 Regional Setting 445 KB
03 Local Planning & Public Involvement 995 KB
04 Community Vision 916 KB
05 Housing Element 469 KB
06 Economic Development Element 359 KB
07 Circulation Element 3,577 KB
08 Land Use Element 3,907 KB
09 Open Space Element 932 KB
10 Growth Areas Element 707 KB
11 Environmental Planning Element 700 KB
12 Water Resources Element 552 KB
13 Cost Of Development Element 279 KB
14 Plan Administration 61 KB
15 Appendix 20 KB