Community Development

Hours:  Monday through Thursday 7:00 am to 5:00 pm, Friday 7:00 am to 12:00 pm

 Mission & Responsibilities

The Community Development Department includes the Planning Division, and Building Division. The Community Development Department's mission is to provide professional planning and technical services to guide the orderly development of a healthy, balanced, livable community. This department administers planning services, issues construction permits, and enforces codes and ordinances in the interest of ensuring safe and attractive neighborhoods, a healthy environment, and a strong, vital economy.

 Fee Schedule Increase for Planning & Zoning Division as of July 1, 2019
 Fee Schedule Increase for Building & Safety Division, and the Fire Department as of July 1, 2019

Code Enforcement

Complaint Form

Code Enforcement Newsletter - Junk Car

Dark Sky Community

The City of Cottonwood has become the newest addition to the International Dark-Sky Places Program, as an International Dark Sky Community. In an effort to continue to promote and protect our dark skies, it has been a mission of the City to obtain this designation since 2016. Working with the community as a whole, the City of Cottonwood has become the 23rd designated dark sky community in the world. The State of Arizona now accounts for 6 of those dark sky communities, with 4 of the 6 communities located in the Verde Valley. Light pollution effects the world as a whole, not only does it disrupt the natural day-night pattern, but it also has negative impacts on the ecosystem, wildlife, and human health. The City's commitment to be dark sky community not only benefits the City, but the surrounding community.

A lot of community effort went into this designation along with their support. The City would like to thank all who helped make this possible.

Residential Lumen Calculation Sheet
Commercial Lumen Calculation Sheet

Swimming Pools can be fun and safe

Swimming pools can be great fun for everyone especially during the hot summer months however, safety precautions must be followed at all times.  It is important for people with backyard pools to realize how easy it is for children to wander into a yard or through a back door to a pool.  Unfortunately, it only takes seconds for a child to drown.  Children should never be left unattended around water even for a few seconds. Drowning is one of the leading causes of death in Arizona for children under age 5.

Pool Enclosure Regulations- English

Pool Enclosure Regulations- Spanish

Storage Sheds/Detached Accessory Structure

Storage Sheds/Detached Accessory Structure Information

Residential Rental Maintenance and Inspection Program

Title 8. Chapter 8.48 Residential Rental Maintenance and Inspection Program

Application Forms

To obtain application forms for such development processes as design review, conditional use, variance and zone changes, please contact the planning staff. To make a pre-application appointment please fill out and send to the planning staff the Pre-application form below.

Pre-application Form

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