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General Plan December 19, 2023 Draft (PDF)

On December 18, 2023, the Planning and Zoning Commission held a public hearing on the General Plan Update. The Commission recommended approval of the proposed General Plan, with several amendments from the previous October 3 draft. The amended draft will be considered for adoption by the City Council in the coming months. The dates and times of upcoming City Council meetings on the General Plan will be posted here once they have been scheduled.

The City Council may adopt the current draft or may make additional amendments before adoption. Public input is still welcome. If you have comments or questions on this draft, please send them to After Council adoption, the General Plan will be sent to the voters for ratification later in 2024.

Vision & Values Report - Survey Results

In late 2022 and early 2023, the City gathered public input on citizens’ overall vision and values, which has served as a guide for the proposed goals and objectives of the draft General Plan. Part of this effort was a survey that highlighted the issues that were the most important to area residents. The resulting vision and values statements are included in the proposed General Plan document.

The City Atlas is a collection of maps, charts, and text compiled to present a comprehensive description of Cottonwood. It will be a companion document to the updated General Plan.

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City Atlas  (PDF)


Public Participation Plan

(Available in English & Spanish)



Community Development staff is proposing changes to the City’s sign ordinance (Zoning Ordinance Section 405 Signs).  In general, the purpose of the proposed amendment is to replace outdated or unclear provisions in the current sign ordinance. The amendment is tentatively scheduled for consideration by the Planning and Zoning Commission on March 18, 2024. If you have questions or comments, please forward them to

Draft Sign Ordinance Amendment



We have implemented a NEW Application Tracking system.

All application submittals for Community Development will go through our NEW online public portal. 

Please follow the directions below.

  1. Visit our NEW Customer Portal website and create a new account
  3. Select Sign Up in the top right-hand corner
  4. Confirm your account 
  5. Click on the GO >> button under My Portal (personal account) or Business Portal (company account)
  6. Click the Apply >> button
  7. Click on the “Select a Category” bar
  8. Select the division you need
  9. Select the permit/application you need and fill out/upload all required information

If you need help to navigate our new portal please use the link below:

You will have access to manage your permit to pay, view and/or print. It will always be available in your customer portal once it is reviewed and issued. 

Please reach out with any questions. 


Designated Dark Sky Community Link 

OT Stars

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2023 City Beautification Recognition Program_header

The City of Cottonwood would like to recognize local commercial properties within the City of Cottonwood limits with exceptional landscapes. If you have any questions, please contact Kristina Hayden at (928) 634-5505 EXT. 3320 or email

Check Back early in 2024, for updates on the City Beautification Recognition Program for 2024! 

Nominations process will be announced in early 2024.


Community Development Hours:

Monday-Thursday 7:00am-5:00pm

Friday 7:00am-12:00pm

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Mission & Responsibilities

The Community Development Department includes the Planning Division, Building Division and Ordinance Enforcement Division. The Community Development Department's mission is to provide professional planning and technical services to guide the orderly development of a healthy, balanced, livable community. This department administers planning services, issues construction permits, and enforces codes and ordinances in the interest of ensuring safe and attractive neighborhoods, a healthy environment, and a strong, vital economy.


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Swimming Pools can be fun and safe

Swimming pools can be great fun for everyone especially during the hot summer months however, safety precautions must be followed at all times.  People with backyard pools need to realize how easy it is for children to wander into a yard or through a back door to a pool.  Unfortunately, it only takes seconds for a child to drown.  Children should never be left unattended around water even for a few seconds. Drowning is one of the leading causes of death in Arizona for children under age 5.
Pool Enclosure Regulations- English
Pool Enclosure Regulations- Spanish

 Storage Sheds/Detached Accessory Structure

Storage Sheds/Detached Accessory Structure Information

Residential Rental Maintenance and Inspection Program

Title 8. Chapter 8.48 Residential Rental Maintenance and Inspection Program


Requirements & Resources