Cottonwood Area Transit (CAT) 


9/29/2022: EFFECTIVE OCT 1, 2022 there will be changes to the Red Line to include trips to Jerome. Please see below schedule for upcoming changes until we can get the new Rider Guides printed and posted. 

Bus Stop/Red Route

Cottonwood to Jerome/Clarkdale

1Depart-Cottonwood Library6:457:308:159:4510:3011:1512:451:302:153:003:454:305:156:00
2Cottonwood St. & 6th St.6:477:328:179:4710:3211:1712:471:322:173:023:474:325:176:02
3E. Cottonwood St/ S.Willard St (Spectrum Healthcare)6:487:338:189:4810:3311:1812:481:332:183:033:484:335:186:03
4Black Hills Dr./Gale Ave6:537:388:239:5310:3811:2312:531:382:233:083:534:385:236:08
5Yavapai College (Front Only)6:557:408:259:5510:4011:2512:551:402:253:103:554:405:256:10
6Lisa St/SR 89A (Pine Shadows)7:007:458:3010:0010:4511:301:001:452:303:154:004:455:306:15
7Jerome/Scenic Lookout Hampshire Ave/Douglas Rdxxxxxx8:42xxxxxx11:42xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx6:27
8Jerome/Fire Station Back Parking Lotxxxxxx8:46xxxxxx11:46xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx6:31
9Jerome/Central Stepsxxxxxx8:48xxxxxx11:48xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx6:33
10Main St/Clarkdale Jerome School7:077:529:0010:0710:5212:001:071:522:373:224:074:525:376:45
11Main St/ S. 9th St (Clarkdale Post Office)7:097:549:0210:0910:5412:021:091:542:393:244:094:545:396:47

Clarkdale to Cottonwood

12S. Broadway/Bent River Ranch Rd7:117:569:0410:1110:5612:041:111:562:413:264:114:565:416:49
13N. Main St./City HR/Finance Bldg.7:137:589:0610:1310:5812:061:131:582:433:284:134:585:436:51
1Arrive-Cottonwood Library7:168:019:0910:1611:0112:091:162:012:463:314:165:015:466:54

8/24/2022: Both CAT and Verde Shuttle are now back to operating at full capacity with our regular hours and full route schedule. If you have any questions, please contact the CAT office at 928-634-2287. 

4/19/2022: MASK REQUIREMENT ENDS FOR CAT AND VERDE SHUTTLE. Click to view press release.

2/23/2022: Due to current staffing levels, Cottonwood Area Transit will be temporarily operating according to the following fixed routes:

North and South Temporary Fixed Route Schedules

2/01/2022: Due to a shortage in drivers, Cottonwood Area Transit and Verde Shuttle bus routes may experience last minute changes. Bus arrival times may vary from the regular scheduled times. For the most up to date information on our routes, please call the office at: (928) 634-2287. We understand the inconvenience this may cause and are working hard to resolve the issue as soon as possible. We appreciate your patience and understanding during this time.

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