K-9 Handlers

A human-canine officer team is a tried and true law enforcement tool. With their keen eyesight, speed and sense of smell, police dogs can perform some tasks faster and at lower cost than human officers with less risk to officers and the public.

The Cottonwood Police Department K-9 Unit was started in 1990 and since its inception there has been seven K-9s, one of which is currently serving.


Cottonwood police may use their K9s to apprehend fleeing suspects, search for discarded or hidden evidence or contraband, detect illegal drugs, search buildings and help protect officers. Cottonwood’s K9 team is available for public appearances and demonstrations as well.


To keep the K9 safe while they’re riding, police cars have a kennel insert in the back seat. This helps protect them in case of a crash. If the temperature inside the vehicle rises above 85 degrees, a fan turns on automatically and the window rolls down. An alarm alerts the K-9 officer. The kennel insert has a spill-proof water bowl and room for the K-9 partner to move around.

How You Can Help

You can help the K-9s concentrate on their job by not approaching them or trying to pet them while they are working, thank you.

The Cottonwood Police Department would like to thank the numerous citizens, business and organizations who have made donations to the K-9 program. These donations are responsible for the equipping, supporting and providing food and health care for Cottonwood Police K-9s.

Current & Previous K-9s

K-9 Years of Service
Andor 1990-1995 Drug
Rex 1995-2000 Patrol / Drug
Vendo 2001-2008 Patrol / Drug
Buster 2004-2010 Drug
Dakota 2008-2010 Patrol / Drug
Rio 2010-2012 Drug
Jax 2011-Present Patrol / Drug
Kratos 2017-Present Patrol/Drug