Cottonwood Police Department employs two full-time records clerks. Records is also assisted by volunteers. We are very appreciative of their service. Our full-time clerks are Diana Lassen-Jones and Nadine Flores. Nadine began working for CPD in 2003 and Diana joined us in 2004.


The Police Records Section serves as the central repository for incident, arrest and traffic records prepared by department personnel. The Records personnel assist the general public, department personnel and representatives from other agencies in obtaining police related information. They provide copies of police reports to citizens, insurance companies, lawyers, city prosecutor, county attorney, victim witness, etc.

Records clerks review and enter data from police reports into the computerized records management system; handle warrants, subpoenas, summons and related paperwork. They are required to complete mandated state and federal monthly validations of all police department entries into state and federal databases; ensures proper disposal of confidential materials and reports that have met state purge criteria and images records for retention purposes.

Clerks must be certified on the Arizona Criminal Justice Information System and National Crime Information System.