It's unincorporated, but it's been around a while. Cornville's post office was established in 1887, though there was apparently a mix up about the name of the community. Pioneering families had submitted the name of Cohnville, but Washington sent back the name as Cornville, and the settlers settled for it.

Cornville Windmill Park


Much of the surrounding area was ranchland. The community used to be considered remote, nestled peacefully away from but with convenient access to Interstate 17, State Route 89A and State Route 179.

Covering more than 13 square miles, Cornville is considered a bedroom community, with many of the 3,000-plus population working in surrounding cities and towns. Its kindergarten through eighth grade school, Oak Creek School, is part of the Cottonwood-Oak Creek School District, and the community is usually linked to nearby Page Springs.


Residents enjoy the beauty of Oak Creek, which runs from Oak Creek Canyon near Sedona down to the Verde River. The outdoors opportunities make the community a natural retreat.

Cornville's popular Windmill Park, one of the first established county parks on the east side of Mingus Mountain, is near the creek, and Page Springs is home to the Arizona Game & Fish Department's Page Springs Hatchery. The hatchery also includes trails and bird-watching areas.

The rural character of Cornville is of such importance to residents, it is a key component of the articles of the Cornville Community Association: "The Corporation is organized exclusively for charitable, educational and scientific purposes to maintain and enhance rural lifestyles, natural resources, economic values, health and safety within the Cornville postal area." The agricultural base also supports three wineries.

The Cornville-Page Springs area gained media attention when John McCain first ran for president of the United States in 2000. The McCains keep a summer home in the Page Springs area, adding another point of curiosity for visitors.

The Cornville Community Association, Inc., can be reached at P.O. Box 1452, Cornville AZ 86325.

Courtesy of The Verde Independent, Thursday, June 19, 2008.