Dark Sky Community

Lagoon At Deadhorse State Park

2019-10-16_Lagoon at Deadhorse State Park

In 2019 the City of Cottonwood became a designated location of the International Dark-Sky Places Program, as an International Dark Sky Community. 

Since 2016 it has been the City of Cottonwood's mission to obtain the designation of a Dark-Sky Community to continue to promote and protect our dark skies. Working with the community as a whole, the City of Cottonwood has become the 23rd designated dark sky community in the world. The State of Arizona now accounts for 6 of those dark sky communities, with 4 of the 6 communities located in the Verde Valley. 

Light pollution effects the world as a whole. Excess light disrupts the natural day-night pattern and has negative impacts on the ecosystem, wildlife, and human health. The City of Cottonwood is committed to protecting the night skies for present and future generations. 

A lot of community effort went into this designation along with their support. The City would like to thank all who helped make this possible. 

For more information visit the International Dark-Sky Association

For local astronomy events throughout the Verde Valley visit the Astronomers of the Verde Valley.

Riverfront Star Party

Riverfront Star Party
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