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Board/Commission Application

  1. Please list (check below) which items of your personal information we may release to the public, if requested (we recommend at least one):
  2. Note: A YES response to the next question will not automatically disqualify applicants from consideration.
  3. Does the City of Cottonwood employ any relative of yours?
  4. Do you currently reside within the city limits of Cottonwood?
  5. Do you currently own a business within the Cottonwood city limits?
  6. Note: All applicants are strongly encouraged to attend the Council meeting at which their application will be considered. It is important for Council members to be able to assess applicants' qualifications and backgrounds during the selection process, and be able to ask questions for clarification.
  7. The Council will conduct a brief interview process during the Council meeting.
  8. Council meetings are held the first and third Tuesday of every month, unless the date falls on a holiday. Council agendas can be found under the City Council tab on the City Website:
  9. I have filled this application out as completely and accurately as possible and I certify I am the person named on this application.
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