1. Administration

    The Administration Department is the primary department responsible for administering and coordinating the policies set forth by the City Council.

  2. Airport

    Download forms and contact the airport about services we offer.

  3. City Clerk

    The City Clerk is responsible for maintaining all permanent and official city records and reports directly to the City Council.

  4. Community Development

    The Community Development Department includes the Planning Division, and Building Division.

  5. Cottonwood Area Transit (CAT)

    View routes, schedules and information about our area's public transportation system.

  6. Economic Development

    The Council’s Economic Development efforts focus on strengthening the existing business community and recruiting new firms that are consistent with our commitment to being a Community of Excellence.

  7. Finance

    The Finance Division, under the direct supervision of the Administrative Services General Manager, is responsible for the financial management and planning for the city.

  8. Fire Department

    The Fire Department provides fire, EMS, rescue, hazardous materials and disaster response and mitigation. Fire prevention priorities are public fire and life safety education, plan review, code enforcement, pre-fire planning and fire cause determination.

  9. Human Resources

    The Human Resources Department, under the direction of the Administrative Services General Manager, works in support of our organization's principles, values, vision, and mission.

  10. Information Technology

    The Information Technology Division under the direction of the Administrative Services General Manager (A.S.G.M.) is the City of Cottonwood's technology provider.

  11. Library

    The Cottonwood Public Library serves as a cultural, recreational, educational and research resource for residents of Cottonwood, and through an intergovernmental agreement with Yavapai County Library District, provides service to any citizen of Yavapai County.

  12. Municipal Court

    Discover contact information and helpful resources about jury duty, protection orders, and victim rights.

  13. Parks & Recreation

    Sign up for activities or join a local team. There are so many fun things to do in Cottonwood.

  14. Police Department

    Read crime stats and meet the people that serve you and keep you safe.

  15. Public Works

    This department is composed of the engineering and street divisions.

  16. Purchasing

    The Purchasing Division, under direct supervision from the Administrative Services General Manager, is responsible for maximizing the effectiveness of our citizens' tax dollars while providing timely and adequate support of the City's needs for materials, equipment, and services.

  17. Utility Department

    Utility Department-Water and Billing Divisions home page